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Salon Owners

Whether you're an existing hair replacement studio  or a regular salon, we can supply you with hair systems for men and women (stock and custom, in human or synthetic hair) and Hair Extensions very attractive pricing. With HPH Corp it is not necessary to take a $1000+ seminar. We offer starter packages for Men or WOmen for $399 that gives you all you need to get started in this Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Business. (includes hair system samples and accessories, 1 hour training video in English or Spanish, and newspaper advertising samples) 

We supply many hair replacement centers around the world
with the finest systems on the market.

Our NOBO SYNTHETIC HAIR "FIBER 2010" is our version of cyber-hair.
As you may be aware, salons sell cyber hair for $2200.00 - $3500.00.

Of course, your salon wholesale price -providing you are a salon - is substantially lower than our mail-order pricing.

Fax us in English, Spanish, Italian or German at (USA) 239-549-9797 with a proof of salon business license
and we will send you our wholesale price list.

Fax, E-Mail or call us for more information!

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Fax - 1-239-549-9797

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