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To Get started, please choose from the following options:

If you have never worn a Hair System before:


If you have never purchased a Hair System from NOBO Corp. before:

Order our Fitting Kit which contains everything you need to get the ordering process started.You can
order a Fitting Kit
anytime for a refundable $20, by completing our Fitting Kit Order Form (see below)
and sending your order to us Online,by Fax, by Mail or by Phone!
Also, when you return the color chart to us, we will refund the $20.

If you have an old Hair System that is still the correct base size, color or hair style,
you can also send this along with your order and we can duplicate those aspects
for your new NOBO Hair System.

Also, see our Men's Hair Systems and Women's Hair Systems to decide which Hair System Model is best for you.
Or give us a call to discuss the advantages of each design.


The Fitting Kit's include:

  • Easy to complete Order form
  • Informational Brochures with everything you need to know
  • Color Chart - We carry each color in stock! (Men's - 44 & Women's - 28 colors) (including many gray tones with actual stands of hair!)
  • "Do-It-Yourself" Hair System Base Measuring/Fitting Cap - make your template in 5 minutes!
    No messy plasters and casts! Our method is just as accurate without the "headaches"!
  • 20 Different Hair Style Picture Chart

Fitting Kit Order Form (Click Here)

If you have already received your Fitting Kit and would like to continue to place your order,
please go to our Secure Online Hair System Order form.


Send us a spare Hair System to duplicate exactly or make any changes you want.
Once we receive your duplication order, we will go over it with you and determine if it is necessary
to custom make or if we have something in stock to suit your needs immediately!

Prices starting at $199!

Click Here for a printable version of our Hair System Duplication Form.


If you have purchased a Hair System from NOBO before:

If you are already a NOBO customer, then we already have your pattern and/or measurements and color on file. Please call or email us to re-order or send us your order by fax or regular mail.
If not, then we recommend you start with the fitting kit as mentioned above.

For more information, please feel free to contact us anytime at
1-800-732-4359 or send us an e-mail. (or Intl. 001-239-540-9245)

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