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Maintenance and Care

...of your Hair System

NEW! Watch our instructional video of how to apply your hair system with 4 week "Do-It-Yourself" bonding.
Also covers care & maintenance of your hair system!

It's so simple! No longer is it necessary to purchase expensive "special products" like special shampoos,
special conditioners, etc. Use our low price products from NOBO.

100% HUMAN HAIR: We use the best European Human Hair. The disadvantage of human hair is, that it fades from exposure to the sun. Human hair can be re-colored. Human hair can be re-permed with any perm liquid. We offer the above services. Click on REPAIRS & SERVICE. It's no problem to use a blow dryer, but do not get too close to the hair!

We recommended to NOT use "leave-in" conditioner because it can loosen the knots and lead to hair falling out of the hair system.

NOBO SYNTHETIC HAIR "FIBER 2010": This is the latest in synthetic fiber technology. This fiber is the closest you can get to natural hair! Nobody will know - only you! It's fine like real hair! It looks like real hair! It feels like real hair! It will not tangle after washing!

NEW! It can be curled with steam and curlers like human hair
whenever it is necessary!

It's better than real hair!:

  • Because the color will not fade...

  • Because it's much easier to brush and style yourself without a blow dryer...

  • The natural waves will not be combed or brushed out after a short time...

  • Washing and cleaning is as simple as washing a pair of socks. Wet the synthetic hair, apply shampoo and wipe gently through the hair. Rinse well with luke-warm water and let air dry. Do not use a blow dryer! When it's dry, brush the hair in the desired hair style. Do no use any hair spray, it's not necessary, because our excellent layered cut looks so natural!

Although we do not say you must use our products, we highly recommend to do so, they are all that you need. The prices is great, the quality is the highest you can get, the products are the same as others, if not, better. Why pay more?

Detangling Human hair system instructions:

In case your human hair system becomes tangled after washing, follow these procedures, which beauty salons and hair replacement studios use also:

  • Fill one gallon warm tap water into a bucket or sink.

  • Measure 2 oz. of CLOROX BLEACH and pour into the bucket or sink.

  • Now, place the hair system in the bucket or sink.

  • Use a wide tooth brush and brush gently through the hair from back to the front concentrating on the tangled or knotted area.

  • The tangles will come loose while brushing and the hair will become silky. Do this for no more than 3 minutes.

  • Rinse the hair system thoroughly.

  • Now fill another gallon of warm tap water into the bucket or sink and put 2 oz. of regular household AMMONIA in the bucket or sink.

  • Now, brush gently through the hair, again for 2-3 minutes.

  • Now, rinse thoroughly. Important! ALWAYS rinse with the base up to prevent hair from inverting if it is a mesh base.

We recommended to use our HPH "Tangle Free Magic" (item #403).

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